A blend of light applied at high intensity for short duration to kill weed seeds, seedlings, and plants is Directed Energy (DE) weed control.


GNI’s patented DE weed-control technology eradicates unwanted plants using dual-wavelength, unnatural illumination sources.


Some wavelengths penetrate deeply into the plant and its root crown to disrupt plant growth mechanisms. Other wavelengths explode chloroplasts to disrupt a plant’s ability to perform photosynthesis.


Damage to the root crown, and defoliation lead to the slow death of the unwanted plant.

Currently, GNI offers DE weed control solutions for residential and agriculture applications, each having its own system solution and light blend to address its needs.


DE weed control can be adapted to different applications and used to treat small or large areas.


Global Neighbor, Inc’s Directed Energy (DE) weed control technology was developed with support from the US Air Force SBIR Program (Phase 1 and Phase 2).

Global Neighbor, Inc’s agriculture products are being developed with support from the USDA SBIR Program (Phase 1).