Global Neighbor, Inc. (GNI) has successfully developed multiple products and continues to lead the way in weed control using clean, environmentally friendly, Directed Energy (DE) technologies. Being committed to protecting the earth and the environment, thus being global neighbors, we set out to eliminate the need for harmful herbicides to control weeds for both homeowners and farmers.

Field chemicals used in crops and lawns have many negative environmental and economic impacts, including algae blooms and fish die offs from chemical runoffs, damage to adjacent crops from herbicide drift, and increasing weed control costs and falling yields from herbicide resistance weeds.

When our blend of light is applied at high intensity for short duration, it controls weed seeds, seedlings, and unwanted plants. 

For homeowners wanting to safely control weeds in their lawns and gardens, WeedErase DE is available at leading dealers (click the picture to the right to see where WeedErase is sold).

For farmers, we are hard at work developing products for terminating cover crops, controlling weeds that persist through the terminated cover crop mat, controlling weeds in grain crops, and destroying weed seeds at harvest.

Global Neighbor, Inc’s Directed Energy (DE) weed control technology was developed with support from the US Air Force SBIR Program (Phase 1 and Phase 2).

Global Neighbor, Inc’s agriculture products are being developed with support from the USDA SBIR Program (Phase 1).