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How the NatureZap DE Technology works.

The NatureZap DE’s technology uses a newly patented technology, using a recipe of light in a controlled area to kill the weeds.

NatureZap killing crabgrass
The NatureZap in Action.

The NatureZap DE images the light onto the weed and into the ground for the root system.

We utilize the heat created from the amount of IR light in our light recipe, and it aid us in killing the weed.

The NatureZap DE kills weeds at three different levels all at the same time. So it used the heat to wilt and disrupt the leaves of the weed, while the IR light penetrates the weeds leaves and root crown to explode chloroplast. So basically the superstructure of the plant is killed off by the heat and IR light, while the shorter-wave blue and UV lights penetrate the ground to kill roots off by exposing the roots to light. This all happens at the time of the treatment of the weed. This severally damages the roots and whole plant. From here the weed starts to decay which kills the
weed off.

If the weed is in the lawn, when you go to treat the weed it will kill off the grass in the 2 inch area under the reflector from the treatment, however since it’s a small area and during late spring and summer the grass will quickly reseed and grow in the area that had been treated. So during early
spring it regrow time is slower due to the slower growth time and slower plant activity. The plant activity is also why it seems like it doesn’t kill off grass in late spring and summer.

I hope this explains some of the science behind NatureZap DE and hopefully answers your questions. Please let me know if you have any
more questions we would love to help!