Q: How long will it take for me to see the weeds die?

A: Depending on the season, you could see results as early as 3 days in the summer and up to 2 weeks in the early spring and late fall.

Q: How is the WeedErase compare to NatureZap?

A: WeedErase operates from the same principle as the NatureZap, but it is more efficient. In fact, WeedErase is the result of 3 years of hard work to improve on NatureZap. 

Q: Do you have independent testing on the NatureZap?

A: Yes, NatureZap has had several independent tests done by Dr. Cadance t  Lowell from Central State University. During these independent tests Dr. Lowell has been able to verify our use of high intensity short duration light techniques for the purpose of killing unwanted weeds. Central State University is a land grant college in Wilberforce, OH. To learn more about Dr. Lowell’s research please check out her profile at https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Cadance_Lowell

Q: How does the NatureZap work?

A: NatureZap uses a special high intensity short duration light technique to kill unwanted weeds both above and below the earth’s surface. We are able to use the IR light to break down the plant above the surface while simultaneously using UV lighting to penetrate the soil and damage the root structure.

Q: How do you use the NatureZap?

A: The NatureZap is nice and simple to use. You just plug it in, place it on top of the weed, and press the button once for small weeds (silver dollar size), twice for medium sized weeds (coke can size), and 3 times for large weeds (larger than coke can but no bigger than 8”).

Q: Does the NatureZap hurt the surrounding plants?

A: No. The NatureZap only targets the plants that are within its 1 inch focused spot

Q: Does the NatureZap DE work on sidewalk cracks and in between pavestones?

A: Yes, it does. Our light technique allows you to easily weed in between cracks and stones, saving your back and the environment.