A story from a client that used the NatureZap to kill Crabgrass.

NatureZap killing crabgrass

Recently one of our clients in Florida sent us this story on how the NatureZap helped them keep the annoying crabgrass out of their pavers. They even took some pictures so first off we want to give a big THANK YOU to Vickie in Florida!

Vickie said she got the NatureZap to help deal with the annoying crabgrass that goes crazy with the summer heat in her pavers. She was not a fan of chemicals because she is very fortunate to live in an area of Florida where you constantly see a ton of wild life in your yard.

At first she wasn’t sure how it would work because she has spent money on other organic options in the past but she thought the new technology was worth a shot when she heard about it from a family member in Ohio that had used the NatureZap to avoid weeding.

She said she got her new NatureZap and took a few pictures of the process to see how things turn out.When she got it set up she gave it a test run on her walkway leading up to her front door. The picture above is a before, during and after of one of the crabgrass plants.

Vickie says shes this first area died off easily with one treatment and it took roughly 5-7 days to see most of the plants die off. She also noted not seeing any regrowth from these plants. She plans to keep treating the rest of her driveway and maybe share more of her experience with us.

We want to give a big thank you to Vickie in Florida for taking the time to document and share your experience with us!